Personalized Glass Tile Ornaments


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I have fallen hard for the perfect glass tiles made by Olivia Pearl Designs.  At 1 3/8” square, they’re the ideal size for Christmas ornaments.  There are no flaws in the clear glass and the edges have a slight, smooth bevel. They make beautiful double-sided ornaments no matter what the theme. Personalize them by sandwiching meaningful photos or messages between two glass tiles. They’re inexpensive and really easy to make.  Laser print the squares, cut them out, drop a glob of fast drying decoupage on the image, then slide around the glass to distribute the glue. They dry crystal clear in a snap with no ripples or bubbles. Wrap a ribbon around them and admire your creation. 

I already published the instructions for making the ornaments online, so I couldn’t duplicate them here. But you can see the detailed steps in “The Help” ornament article. You might also want to check out the instructions for my Fancy Ornament Hangers.

A Cause For Celebration
This pretty pink ornament is a special gift for someone who is dealing with, or has dealt with the treatments and uncertainty that goes with a cancer diagnosis. Use the same message on each side, or put the date on the back as a reminder in years to come. Whether the ornament reads “Chemo Free” or “Cancer Survivor”, it’s a true cause for celebration.

Start A Family Tradition
Do you travel each year?  Even if you don’t vacation every single year, consider this ornament idea.  Post a photo of you on vacation on one side, and the destination and year on the back.  Think of the fun you’ll have looking at the tree filled with great memories in years to come.  They will surely create conversation around the tree during the holidays.  If you love family traditions, this one is a gem.

Star-Studded Tree

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Many people like to have a different themed tree each year. Some years the branches are dotted with bows, other years it’s toy soldiers. How about this year filling the tree with your favorite movie stars? A collection of celebrities from the past is certain to bring on the nostalgia. Maybe sports stars are your preference? Even if a tree filled with film or sports celebrities isn’t your thing, one ornament for a teen with Justin Bieber’s photo might evoke an adoring screech. For Bieber, and for you for creating the ornament!


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  • Ink jet printed images cannot be used for these ornaments. The toner will run when the Decoupage is applied because it is water-based. The good news - because the decoupage has a water base, there is no toxic odor from the product.
  • The quantities posted for ordering at Olivia Pearl Designs are large. Click the contact link on their page to place an order for fewer tiles.


At Olivia Pearl Designs

 At Kinkos

  • 2 laser printed images

At Craft Store

  •  Fast Finish Decoupage by Beacon
  •  ribbon - 1/4” wide maximum

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