Patriotic Vest

rhinestone tie.jpg
The finished wrap measures 26” by 70” and requires 2 yards of fabric.

If you can sew, show your spirit and try this idea for a vest you can make now and wear year after year.  The Butterick vest pattern I used has been discontinued but is identical to Simplicity 8878.

I chose knit fabric for the front of the vest, mainly because I didn’t find the stars and stripes in a fabric I liked.  The knit is soft, lightweight, and moves the way some heavier cottons I saw, wouldn’t.   
The vest back is made from a solid red, soft cotton/poly blend which comes out of the dryer never needing a touch-up. The solid red fabric also lines the entire vest. I liked the star buttons so much, I used 6 instead of the 4 called for on the pattern. I also accented the vest with a knotted tie in back made from the red and blue fabrics.

I recommend buying and measuring the front pattern pieces to determine how much stripe and stars fabric you will need.


At Amazon

  • vest pattern Simplicity
  • stripe fabric
  • star fabric
  • interfacing
  • thread
  • star buttons


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