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Party Favors For Any Occasion

Approximately 7.25” tall
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Okay. I got a little carried away here but when you’re having fun, it’s hard to stop. Although I created the images for some of these party favors with my computer, you can create many without. Just print out the basic template on card stock then glue wrapping paper or other special papers to it like I did with the baby shower favor. You can also stencil designs right onto the card stock with paint or markers. If you’re into scrap booking, you already know what to do. The possibilities are really endless. Create party favors for large events or private dinner parties.

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The wrappers for fillings inside the cones can be squares of netting, gift wrap tissue, or any other fun and interesting paper or fabric. Bring the four corners of the wrapper together and tie them with a ribbon. Fill the squares with candies or other goodies. How about a garden event where you fill them with flower seed packets? Or doggie birthday parties where they hold doggie treats? The instructions at the bottom of the page explain how to put together (it’s so darn easy!) the basic cone. Punch holes on each side to attach ribbon and make them hanging cones, or eliminate the ribbon hangers and just drop them into empty wine or water glasses on tables. The hanging cones can also be displayed on the branches of an artificial tree or suspend them from Christmas ornament hangers on an ornate room screen. You could even hang them on the back of each guest’s chair. 

I hope you’ll be inspired by my notes on how the individual themed cones are made. Each requires a 7” x 7” square of card stock which results in a 7.50” tall cone. Add equal measurements to the depth and width to create a larger cone.


Black Tie Theme
Along with the Basic Cone Template in the downloadable pdf file below, I’ve included a black and white template dedicated to the black tie cone. This creation is deceiving. Although it may look like it’s made with several pieces, except for the tie and buttons, the cone is one sheet of card stock, most of it printed black. Print out the cone, cut a 1.75” slit down the center, then fold down the two edges to create the collar. Use black sheer ribbon to make a little bow tie. Glued on rhinestones make the perfect buttons. When your tux is assembled, finish making the cone following the basic cone instructions.


Baby Theme
This easy cone came together very quickly using a glossy roll of baby theme wrapping paper. The Basic Cone Template was printed on card stock, cut, then attached to the wrapping paper. Use double sided tape along all the edges. Depending on the paper you choose, you may be able to attach it to the card stock with Elmer’s Glue or a hot glue gun. The glue will cause some papers to ripple, so test your combination of paper and glue before creating your cone. Thread six beads onto the top of the ribbon alternating pink, yellow and blue. Punch a hole on both sides of the cone to attach the ribbon ends.  After going through the holes attach one yellow bead, then tie the ribbon in a bow.


Sweethearts Theme
Perfect for an engagement party, Valentine’s day or a sweetheart’s dinner. With the exception of the red ribbon threaded through punched holes in the top edge, everything is printed on the template. Bring the template and a photo of the couple into Photoshop and fill the entire template with the image. The original photo for mine was in color but I liked the idea of contrasting the red ribbon with black and white so I altered the photo.  A soft drop shadow was used on the top border of the cone which was outlined in black, to give it a dimensional effect.  Punch holes along the top edge and thread ribbon through them, then assemble the cone following the instructions.


Elegance Theme
The lacy look of this cone was created with a rectangular doily. They’re inexpensive with six in each package and measure 10X14, so you can get two cones from each sheet. You’ll find them at JoAnn’s.  Glue the doily to colored card stock before cutting the template. My hanging ribbon matches the card stock color.  Once the doily and card stock are joined, punch a hole on each side, then follow the instructions for completing the cone. This wedding reception cone includes a rectangle bearing the name of the happy couple. It hangs from the knotted ribbon on the side of the cone.


Doggie Theme
Doggie birthday parties have become a common event, so I created a cone for Fido’s celebration and filled it with doggie treats. Position computer images and a photo of the dog on the template then print. Cut out the cone and glue the sides together.


Garden Theme
Position floral images on the template then print. Airbrush the back side of the image with green paint. Create the leafy/grassy look, by cutting slits in the upper edge of the cone about 3.25” deep in the center. Cut remaining slits to the same depth. As you cut, the leaves became shorter working to the back of the cone. Wind the “leaves” around a pencil to curve them.

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