Lace Clutch Purse

Choose from two free patterns

The Fancy Edge Clutch Pattern is for lace with special edgings (see photo) like scallops or or fabric that has beads attached. You don’t want to sew this type of edge into the seam. It should remain free. The Fancy Edge pattern includes those directions.

Download the basic Clutch Purse pattern If you are making a lace clutch, or one with any other fabric that has no special edge treatment.  Use this pattern and just cut out the lace with the outer fabric and treat it as one piece. Follow all the instructions for sewing the outer fabric. 

Make it any size you want with your favorite fabric!

Make it any size you want with your favorite fabric!


This elegant lace clutch purse can be made in about an hour.  Really!  Four straight seams is all that’s required along with one small slip stitched opening.  Make yourself several in different fabrics. Or make them as gifts.  Experiment with flaps shaped like an envelope, or curved.  If you’re brave, try your own scalloped edge! Play with fabrics too. Maybe fake leather? Beaded fabric?

This clutch can be made with a clasp or without.  See ideas for clasps below.
This finished purse measures53/4“” x4 1/2”.  If you’d prefer a larger purse, print out all pattern pieces at a higher percentage. (example:  print out at 125% and the finished purse will measure approximately 8” by 6 1/4”.)


Match up the black boxes to join the printed pattern pieces, then tape together.

Match up the black boxes to join the printed pattern pieces, then tape together.

step 1 - Download and print out the Fancy Edge Clutch pattern. The two pattern pieces are too large for most home printers so each must be printed in two sections and then taped together. All directions are included with the pattern.  

step 2 - Cut out the outer fabric, the lace and the interfacing together. Cut out the lining.  

step 3 - Remove all pins.

step 4 - Fuse the interfacing to the outer fabric.

step 5 - Follow the pattern directions for sewing your purse.

When it comes to clasps, think outside the box. The clasp on this lace purse in the photo is optional and made simply from a crystal button and an elastic loop that fastens around it. I’ve used interesting buttons, decorative pins, and even large earrings on some of my purses. The pattern includes markings for positioning a loop on the flap.

Make loops from the same fabric as the purse, or buy small pieces of braid, metal chains or jewelry findings.  Search the trim counter of your fabric store for interesting options.  Look for colors and materials that suit your purse fabric and style.

An easy loop can be made from elastic thread or cord.  Braid together three lengths and knot the ends.  Attach the braid ends when you’re sewing the flap seam.  The loop shown on the right is intentionally white so it will be visible against the black fabric in the photo.  Match your loop color to your purse.  The convenient thing about an elastic braid is it will stretch to fit over the button with ease.

Clasp alternatives are endless.  Snaps, pretty hooks and even Velcro can be used to fasten the purse flap.

Make your clutch purse for even less by finding your fabric in the remnant bin at the fabric store.


At Fabric Shop

All fabric pieces measure 15” x 8.5”

  • 1 piece outer fabric
  • 1 piece lace
  • 1 piece lining
  • 1 piece heavy fusible interfacing
  • sewing notions
  • crystal button
  • elastic thread


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