Holiday Dinner Party Projects And Ideas

Ornament measures 3” long from the angel’s crown to the feather bottom.

Entertaining during the holidays can be either fun or stressful, depending on how you approach the event. On this page, you’ll find tips as well as projects intended to kick-start your creativity, and lead you from the front door to the dinner table, hopefully smiling all the way. 

Some photos are offered only as visual inspiration, other photos are links that will take you to the project so you can learn how to create it.


Come up with a theme for your event and a color scheme.   At my recent dinner party “Deck The Halls” was the theme which was carried out with boughs of holly on much of the decor in red and gold.
It can’t be repeated often enough - planning is essential, and so is making lists.  Get in the habit of writing down the things you need to do or key them into your phone or other device.  It gets them out of your head and in front of your eyes where you can see what needs to be done.  This one habit will go a long way to reduce holiday anxiety and leave your mind free to work on other things.

First Impressions

A pretty door decoration is one project you can easily create yourself.  This swag is made with deco-mesh and plastic canvas with a few ornaments thrown in.  I added battery operated string lights (my favorite tool this season!) which provides just the right amount of light at the front door.  The light switch is convenient to access.  It’s attached to the back of the swag with pipe cleaners.  Click the swag photo to get the directions and see how easy this project is to complete.

All Through The House

A Christmas tree is the main symbol of the season in most homes.  But you can extend the holiday spirit throughout the house.  Add visual appeal by grouping items together instead of scattering them.  Two golden candles can be pretty but adding a music box to the mix makes that display far more interesting.

If you have a collection of Carolers, consider displaying the entire group together for impact.  While a table top or shelf works just fine, look for unusual locations for your collectible displays, like the edge of a stair case.

The sparkle of a lighted cone tree adds to the mood of a fireplace mantle.  String lights woven through garland make the perfect backdrop for this pretty decoration. The cone tree is a project you can create and enjoy year after year.  Click the photo for the directions which includes links for more cone tree designs.

Brighten any room with a lighted and painted reindeer bottle or an angelic switch plate cover made with clay.  Both decorations can be finished quickly.  Click the photos for directions and free templates.

The Dinning Room

The dinning room is the setting for the event and should be decorated in a special way.  Give the table a lot of attention but don’t stop there.  If the chair style allows it, attach white sheer ribbon along with small ornaments and other decor.  The greens on these chairs were clipped from the bottom of my tree and attached to the ribbon with floral tape.  You can also use artificial greens from the craft store.


The table runner in the photo is painted with holly.  You’ll find the free stencil with the directions.  The luscious fabric came from JoAnn’s home fabric department.  It has golden threads running through it that add a lovely shimmer to the table.  This is not a complicated runner with padding or even a backing.  The semi-sheer fabric is simply hemmed on all sides, painted and set down over a gold table cloth.  Stencils are included with the instructions.  Click on the photo to get them.

Holly on the purchased napkin and napkin rings helped carry the party theme.  If you have needle work talents and the time, create special napkins with your own hands.

I bought four red and gold plates some years ago and haven’t been able to find them again.  But I did find solid red plates at Target that match exactly and gave me the 8 settings I needed.  I alternated the gold design plates with the solid red plates around the table.


Michaels has a great collection of unusual glass vases. That’s where I found this skinny rectangular one for my “Deck The Halls” centerpiece. Instead of filling it with flowers, I painted the inside white and filled it with string lights.  The opening of the vase is against the table and conceals the batter pack.  The Deck The Halls message is painted on the outside of the glass and ribbon is wrapped around it. 

I love decorating with cube vases because they’re so versatile.  I dropped silver and gold beads in the bottom of mine along with submersible string lights.  Holly and red and yellow roses were my flowers of choice.  The holly can be very heavy but I found a solution for helping all the flowers stand straight.  I create a tape grid across the top of the vase.

They say it’s all in the details.  This one can save your tablecloth!  A knife rest, a place to park a used utensil in between courses, doubles as a place card.  This pretty little detail is made simply by gluing a computer generated image between two pieces of glass that measure 1.75 by 1 inch.  They’re made just like my personalized glass tile ornaments except the glass is rectangular.  Like the tiles, they can be found at Olivia Pearl Designs.


Create special dinner party memories by starting your own traditions. Ask guests to share their funniest, most romantic, or unforgettable gift they ever received for Christmas. Then hand out wine corks and ask each of them to make a wish for this year by dropping their cork in a concrete well under a small outdoor lighted tree.

Parting Gifts

Don’t let your guests leave without a reminder of the party.  This doesn’t have to be an expensive gift and if you make it yourself, you can minimize the costs. Ornaments are a great idea because they are something everyone can appreciate.  There are many on my website but here are a few that will keep you within your budget.  Click the photos for directions.

However you “deck” your halls, and whatever plans you make for your dinner party, allow yourself to enjoy it along with your guests.  Have a wonderful holiday season!

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