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On The Red Carpet - Who Are You Wearing?

On The Red Carpet - Who Are You Wearing?

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Every dog has his day and they all deserve a special outfit for stepping out for a night on the town. With sparkling fabric on the lapels and bowtie, this outfit is ready for weddings, Oscar parties, and any special occasion. This pattern requires minimal fabric and simple sewing. Doesn’t your pooch deserve to turn heads? This pattern is for a small dog weighing about 16 to 18 pounds. It could easily be adjusted to fit a larger dog. With Velcro closures, it’s easy on and easy off. This design has three Velcro openings – two at the sides and one at the neck.

Special thanks to my model “Eddie”!

Note: After stitching seams, trim away excess fabric.
Be sure to mark the black dots on the fabric with chalk or thread.

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All six pattern pieces are included in the download.


step 1 - Download the pattern included in the pdf file. The page with the actual size pieces was reduced to 40%, so enlarge the page by 60% to print. You may need a computer program like Photoshop, Silhouette Design, or Acrobat Pro. The jacket front, back and lapels are too large for an 8.50” x 11” page. Those pattern pieces will need to be pieced together. 

 step 2 - Use the pattern pieces to cut out the fabric. The pattern indicates how many pieces to cut.

 step 3 - Jacket back - Sew the lining and fabric with right sides together leaving one edge open for turning the piece right side out. Turn in the raw edges and press them with an iron. Top stitch the edge. Cut two pieces of elastic to measure 4.50” each. Stretch them out and stitch them to the wrong side of the fabric where indicated on the pattern.

 step 4 - Stitch Velcro to the right sides of the piece where indicated.  

 step 5 - Lapels –With right sides together, stitch lapel pieces, leaving the inner edge (the shirt side) open. Turn right side out and press.

 step 6 - Pin lapels to the right side of the jacket front by matching up the black dots and raw edges.

 step 7 – Jacket front - With the right sides together, sew the jacket center fronts from the bottom edge to the black dot. Press the seam open.

 step 8 – Sew the jacket front lining pieces together in the center up to the black dot. Press the seam open.

 step 9 - With right sides together, sew the lining and fabric from the center back extensions to the black dot. Stitch along all edges leaving an opening on one side so the piece can be turned inside out.

 step 10 – Turn the piece right side out and turn under the side seam allowance. Top stitch the opening.

 step 11 – Stitch Velcro where indicated on the wrong side of the of one extension and the right side of the other.

 step 12 - Shirt - With right sides together, sew the shirt top and sides leaving the bottom edge open to turn it inside out. Sew a minimal “V” in the center tapering down to the dot. Clip at the center to allow a smooth “V”.

 step 13 – Turn the shirt right side out. Turn in the bottom seam allowance and top stitch the edge. Press the center collar points at an angle.

 step 14 - Turn and press .50” on all the shirt band edges. Position the band in the center of the shirt and top stitch close to all edges connecting the band to the shirt. Position the shirt under the jacket front about 5” from the velcro at the center back on each side. Pin in place and stitch under the lapels through all layers to attach the shirt to the jacket front. (Check the placement of the shirt before sewing. A very furry dog or one with a large neck may require the shirt to be stitched more than 5” down from the center back.

 step 15 - Bowtie - Sew all but one edge of the bow tie layers. Turn the tie right side out and press the raw edges under.  Wrap cord or several layers of thread around the center to create the bow shape. Hand stitch the tie to the center off the shirt.

 step 16 - Assembly - Stitch the jacket neck extension with the Velcro on the right side, to the top edge of the jacket back. (see illustration A ) Attach the jacket neck extension with the Velcro on the wrong side .50” past the jacket center back to close the jacket. This extension is not sewed to the back allowing easy on and off.


 step 17 - Buttons - Sew buttons on the shirt band.



At Joanns

  • Velcro (sew on type) - 1 yard

  • sewing notions

  • black jacket outer fabric 2/3 yards

  • black jacket lining fabric 2/3 yards

  • white shirt fabric 1/3 yard

  • fancy glitter lapel and bowtie fabric 15”

  • two fancy buttons

  • 1/4” elastic - 14” long

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