Beaded Tree Angels


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Make just one. You won’t believe how easy it is. Create them as gifts, or start with a few for your own tree this year. Add more each year using different bead colors and styles. Before long you’ll have a collection of beautiful tree angels to hand down to the next generation... if they can wait that long to have a set of their own!  A simple straight wire is threaded through beads finished with a loop on the top and bottom, then beaded legs are attached - it’s that simple.



step 1 - Form a loop on the end of the four inch wire about .75" from the end.  If you’re unsure of how to make a loop you can learn how on my Jewelry Tools & Techniques page.

step 2 - See the order for threading the beads onto the wire in the left photo.  Note that the four white pearls are attached separately after the main piece is finished. The beading order goes from the bottom to the top. Start by threading one of the tiny round clear beads onto the wire. Follow the tiny round clear bead with: the big white pearl, another tiny clear bead, the silver wings, the flat spacer for the collar, the glass head, the cap or halo, and the very last tiny clear bead.

step 3 - Using a sharp edge like a metal ruler, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle close to the top clear bead. Using the round nose pliers, form a loop in the wire as you did in step 2, then cut away any excess wire.

step 4 - Create legs for the angel by threading two small white pearls on each of the two nail head wires. The heads will prevent the beads from slipping off the wire. Now form a loop on each wire.  Before the loop is closed, attach it to the loop at the bottom of the angel.


Optional Ornament Hangers
The special ornament hanger in the photo at the right is easy to make.  With a rounded object, roughly shape a piece of wire into an “S” curve. Use household items that are the right diameter like turkey basters, cone shaped thread spools, handles of brooms, etc. When you’re happy with the shape, use smaller diameter items like a magic marker, or round nose pliers to curl the ends. Use E-6000 glue to attach a crystal bead to the end of the wire.



At Craft Store

  •     Metal cap or ring for a halo
  •     Heart shaped clear glass jewel for the head
  •     Flat round silver spacer with beaded edge for the collar
  •     Silver wing bead
  •     3 - tiny round clear beads
  •     large round or oval pearl for body
  •     4 small round pearls for legs
  •     two nail head wires for legs
  •     4" piece of 20 gauge beading wire
  •     round-nose pliers
  •     flat-nose pliers

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