A flat, faceted, topaz gem is the centerpiece for this brilliant pendant.  The stone measures .75” across.  Surrounded by seed beads in clear, and two shades of topaz, the finished pendant measures 1.5”.  If you’re looking for lots of sparkle and dazzle, this piece won’t disappoint. 




With flat nose pliers, create a 45 degree angle in a piece of 18 gauge wire, 1.5” from the end.  Wrap and smooth the rest of the wire around an object that is the same size as your center gem, to form a circle.  Create another 45 degree angle to match the first, leaving a 1.5” tail. 

Slide the beads onto the curve.  Grasp the three beads as though they are one, and twist them around three times making a wrap in the wire below them.

Wrap the 24 gauge wire around the circle wire three times.  Note: The 24 gauge wraps are not pictured in the remainder of the photos.

Wrap a small piece of 18 gauge wire around the two tails at their base four times.  Trim the excess wire and smooth down the sharp end.

The amount of 24 gauge wire you will need to add beads to the circle is too long to work with comfortably.  I used 24” lengths, adding new pieces as needed.  Wrap the wire end around the 18 gauge three times near the center of the circle.

Attach a dark topaz, clear crystal, and light topaz bead to the 24 gauge wire.

Add three more beads to the wire and repeat these same steps until the entire circle is filled.  Finish at the center top by wrapping the wire three times and clipping off the excess.  Smooth the sharp wire end.

Holding the beads .50” away from the circle, make a curve in the wire above the light topaz bead.   

Use round nose pliers to shape the wire tails into a loop.  Cut away excess wire.  Bend and reposition the beads around the circle where necessary.

side view

step 3

step 4

step 1

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step 8

step 9

step 10

Wrap the center of a new piece of 24 gauge wire around the base of the tails.  Bring the ends down vertically.

Add the gem to the vertical wires and secure them to the center bottom of the circle with a triple wrap.  Trim the ends and smooth the sharp wire edges.

step 11


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What You’ll Need/Where To Get it

At Artbeads.com

  1. Swarovski 5621 22mm Twist Crystal Copper bead

At Amazon

  1. Jewelry Essentials 10/0 seed beads light and dark topaz

  2. Artistic Wire 18 gauge

  3. Artistic Wire 24 or 26 gauge

  4. round nose and flat nose pliers and wire cutters

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