Condition clay with a conditioning machine or roller.  Roll out to 1/16 to 1/8” thick.  Place the clay on top of a sheet of plastic wrap.

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Snowfall decorates the branches of this pretty little tree ornament.  Made from clay and baked in your kitchen oven, this is a fast and inexpensive project.  Add a heart shaped crystal bead at the top and shiny silver seed beads on the branches and this ornament will sparkle on your tree.  Finished ornament measures approximately 2.5” tall.


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Snowfall Clay Tree Ornament

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On your work surface, roll lines of the feather pattern design onto the clay with a texture wheel to give the tree branches dimension.

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Cover the clay with plastic wrap.  Use two different size tear drop cutters to cut out the clay.  The number you will need will depend on how big your ornament will be.  I used 24 for my one inch tall tree.

Build your tree by stacking the pieces in a circular shape with the larger pieces on the bottom and the smaller pieces at the top.  Press the centers together with an Etch n’ Pearl tool.  Also, to help with the tree shape, as you get to the top of the tree bring the pieces closer to the center point.

Push a large Etch n’ Pearl tool down through the center of the tree to make a space for the wire you will insert later.   Use a slight twisting motion to remove it.  Set the tree on a foil covered baking pan.  Before you put it in the oven, use the Etch n’ Pearl tip to lift up the tips of the branches.

Step 6 - Bake in a 275 degree oven for 30 minutes.  Let cool completely.

Step 7 - Push the Etch n Pearl tool through the center of the tree to be sure the opening is clear.  If you can't move easily through the clay, use a twisting motion to clear it.

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Slip a round bead onto a nail head wire followed by a decorative cone shaped bead and a flat bead spacer.  Insert the wire through the center of the tree from the bottom.

Add a small silver seed bead to the wire followed by a heart shaped crystal bead placed upside down.

Shape the wire into a loop for hanging and cut off the excess.

Paint the tops of the branches with Snow-Tex.  Allow to dry.

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Slide a seed bead onto a nail head wire.  Touch the bead to the glue to wet it, then touch it to a tree branch.  Slide the wire out the bead.  Add beads to all the branches.

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step 12

Michaels or Amazon

  1. Leaf Green Premo Sculpey clay

  2. acrylic roller

  3. clay conditioning machine

  4. clay texture wheel

  5. Etch n’ Pearl tool

  6. large and mini tear drop cutter

  7. nail head wires

  8. silver seed beads 11/0

  9. flat spacer bead

  10. cone shaped decorative bead

  11. Bead Gallery .50” crystal hearts

  12. Snow-Tex


IMPORTANT NOTE - Setting numbers vary on clay conditioning machines.  On my machine the thickest setting is 1 and the thinnest is 9.