1. 1.Measure your wrist .  Add one inch and cut two pieces of bolo cord to that measurement.

  2. 2.Lay the two pieces side by side. The foundation of the bracelet is two pieces of bolo cord with the ends taped together and then wrapped together using thin cords or trims. 

  3. 3.Trim the taped cord to 1/4” wide on one end.  Do not trim the second end in case you need to adjust the bracelet length later. 

  4. 4.Set the string of beads in the center of the two cords.  The end of the beads should align with the end of the cords.  Use painters tape to hold the beads in place if necessary.  Glue the beads to the tape where they overlap.

  5. 5.Set the silver cord beside the beads with the ends aligned.  Glue the silver cord in place where it overlaps the tape.

  6. 6.When the glue is set, and the pieces secure, wrap the silver cord around the beads and bolo cords.  Keep the beads centered on the bolo cord as you wrap the silver cord between the beads.

  7. 7.After you’ve wrapped to the end of the bolo cords, hold the pieces together with a clip or tape to keep it from unravelling.  Check the measurement of the bracelet and adjust the length if necessary.

  8. 8.Glue the remaining ends of bolo cords, beads, and silver cord together.  Let the glue set. 

  9. 9.To finish the ends and attach the silver caps, smear glue around the ends no wider than the 1/4” of the tape.

  10. 10. Use a stick to smear some glue inside the silver cap. The glue should be only at the bottom and not so thick that it will spread up the sides when you stuff the bracelet inside.

  11. 11. Squeeze the bracelet ends into the silver caps.  You may need a thin stiff object to push the cord as you insert it.  It will be a tight fit.  Twist the ends in the cap slightly to distribute the glue.  Check for glue that may have oozed up beyond the silver cap and wipe it off immediately.

  12. 12. Use jump rings to attach magnetic clasps to the caps.

Cord bracelets are so easy to create you’ll want to make a bunch.  Browse the trim aisle of your favorite fabric store and buy it in the length you need.  That’s where we found the basic elements for these fun bracelets.  Look for beads and gems on a string, unusual ribbons, cord and trims of every kind.  Use our three projects as inspiration and substitute your own trims.


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black bolo cord

thin silver cord

colored gems on a string


The center white bracelet simply wraps diagonally around two pieces of bolo cord.  The white trim was wrapped with edges touching.  When the bracelet is complete and circular, the trim separates revealing the black cord underneath.

Buy your end caps before your trims.  Be sure the pieces you have in mind will fit into the caps.

black bolo cord

silver threaded white trim

thin black satin cord

silver beads on a string

black bolo cord

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 9

step 10

step 11

What You’ll Need

  1. approximately 2 1/2 feet of thin wrapping cord

  2. two pieces of bolo cord the size of your wrist plus 1”

  3. beads or gems the length of the bolo cord

  4. E-6000 jewelry glue

  5. tape

  6. 2 jump rings

  7. magnetic clasp

Above items purchased at Joann’s

2 silver 10mm end caps

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