1. 1.Cut out the complete shirt with plain knit fabric.  Add interfacing to the front facings per the pattern instructions.

  2. 2.Using the shirt pattern pieces, cut three ruffle yoke pieces - one for the back and two for the front.  Align the front center yoke edges with the pattern’s facing fold line.  Cut each front separately making them the same length.  You can count the number of ruffles to guarantee they match in length.  Tape or pin down ruffle edges so they don’t move around during cutting.

  3. 3.End the yoke pieces at the bust line.  This measurement will vary according to your height.  When you cut the length you want, cut away the transparent margin under the last ruffle of each piece.

  4. 4.Place one-inch wide painters tape down the front of the left side knit fabric piece.  The left edge of the tape should align with the fold line for the facing.

  5. 5.Pin or baste the left ruffle piece in place, aligned one-inch away from the right edge of the tape with right sides together.  Sew in place and trim away 3/4” of the ruffle allowance.

  6. 6.Flip the ruffle fabric to the right and match up shoulder, neck, armhole and side seam edges.

  7. 7.Pin the knit fabric and ruffled fabric together at the shoulder, neck, armhole and side seam edges.  Sew together 1/2” from raw edges. 

  8. 8.Remove the painters tape.

  9. 9.Repeat steps 4 through 8 for the right side.

  10. 10. Lay the back yoke over the back knit shirt piece and align the neck, armhole, and side seam edges.  Sew them together 1/2” from the raw edge.  The length of the back yoke should match the length of the front yokes.

  11. 11. Follow your pattern instructions to complete your shirt, treating the ruffle fabric and knit fabric as one.



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What You’ll Need/Where To Get It

  1. sewing notions

  2. blouse pattern

  3. painters tape

  4. cream matte jersey

  5. optional rhinestone buttons

Above supplies purchased at JoAnn’s

cream, ruffled, knit fabric  -

If you’ve seen my Faux Wrap Ruffled Top and our Ruffled Christmas Angel, you’re probably wondering how many more projects I can make with the original ruffle fabric purchase.  The answer is, not many.  After this ruffle yoke blouse, I have barely enough scraps for one more small item.  I’ll be posting that one very soon.  It’s a really fun accessory.

If you have a favorite shirt pattern, you can easily make this blouse.  Adding the ruffles is simple to do but everyone around you will think it took forever to make.  Start with ruffled knit fabric from your local fabric shop or online at

I used about 1/3 yard of ruffled fabric for this size 8 shirt, attaching it to both the front and back yokes.  Combine the ruffles with a matching color, plain, knit fabric, and the result is yummy.  My blouse pattern is a roomy one which makes it flattering to every figure because the tissue knit fabric doesn’t cling to your every curve.  Instead, it hangs beautifully making it a soft comfy creation.  The directions that follow are for a pattern with a front facing and shirt front that are one piece. 

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