What You’ll Need / Where To Get it


  1. hot fix rhinestones

  2. fusible interfacing

  3. stay tape

  4. sewing machine with fancy stitches

At JoAnn’s

  1. fabric

  2. sewing notions


At .25” from center front, stitch from the neckline to just below the end of the slit.  Sew across the bottom using only one stitch back-tacked for reinforcement.  Sew up the other side to .25” from center.  Stitch the neckline seams and trim.  Turn the pieces right sides out and press the slit.

Step 3 - Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of a fabric piece.  With wrong sides together,  cut a slit through all layers 3.25” from the top edge of the neck on the center front line.

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Rhinestone Placket Tee Shirt Template

To evenly space the rest of the stitching rows, I used the edge of my presser foot as a guide, keeping it lined up with the edge of the stitching line next to it.

Add more rows until the placket is filled.  be sure to stitch only on the interfaced fabric.

Reinforce the opening with stay tape .50” from the edge of fabric on the wrong side.  Cut into both corners but not into the stitching.

If you like to sew, you probably have a favorite tee shirt pattern that fits you perfectly.  I like coming up with ways to change the look of a basic tee pattern and this project is my latest.  See my other examples, Ruffled Tee Shirt and Corsage Tee Shirt

This placket tutorial and template is yet another way to add interest to plain tees. Align it with your shirt pattern neckline and center front to create a pretty split neck opening design.  I added special stitching to mine along with rhinestones and copied those elements on the edge of my 3/4 sleeves. Paint a design on the placket, embroider flowers on it, or cut it from lace.  There’s no end to the possibilities for making dozens of different looks from one basic pattern and one basic template.

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Step 11 - Pin the Cut Line Template to the center front and shoulder seam of your tee shirt pattern front piece.  Lay the pattern/template on your fabric and pin in place.  Remove the pins in the top part of the pattern and fold it away from the template as you cut around it.  Replace the pattern and finish cutting the tee shirt front.

Pin the right sides of the fabric together and sew the neckline seams.  Trim the allowance and top stitch it to the facing fabric.

Step 12

Sew the shirt’s shoulder seams together.  The back neck will extend 5/8” longer than the finished front. 

Step 7

Print out the template pieces for the shirt Cut Line and the Placket.  Each is in two pieces. Tape them together.

Use the Placket template to cut 2 fabric pieces and one lightweight interfacing.

The stitch pattern I used is called the vine but you can use any fun stitch design to decorate your placket.  The stitching is done on the interfaced fabric only. 

Begin the stitching with a row 1/8” from the left of center and 1/8” right of center.  Use these stitch lines as a guide for placing the rows that follow.

Turn the work right side out and pin the layers together at the sides and bottom.  Set aside.

Pin the bottom of the placket to the shirt front with right sides together.  Sew a horizontal 5/8” seam from corner to corner.  Pin each placket side to the fabric and sew with right sides together.

Serge the seam allowances to trim them and prevent them from raveling.

Make a neck band for the shirt back by cutting a strip of fabric 1.25” by whatever length you need for your size shirt plus two inches.  Pin one raw edge to the neckline along with stay tape. Sew in place from shoulder seam to shoulder seam with one inch of the band extending beyond the shoulder line.

Serge the other raw edge of the band.  Turn the band inside and topstitch in place.

Consider adding a line of stitching and rhinestones on the edge of the sleeves.

Apply rhinestones on the stitching opposite every other loop on the vine.  Attach them by pressing with an iron on a protected hard surface for 45 seconds.


My templates are designed to fit a small or medium shirt.  If your pattern is larger, print the templates out at more than 100%.

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