Love is at the heart of this pearl lined pendant.  Romantic enough to wear for Valentine’s day or any day of the year. Large and small pearls border the red beads, maybe protecting it from heartbreak?  Beads, wire and a few tools are all this project requires.  Make it for yourself or someone special.





Cut a piece of 18 gauge wire 6” long.  Make a bend in the wire for the bottom point of the heart with round nose pliers.

Use a pencil to round the left half of the upper heart, one inch from the bend.  Repeat on the right side.

Cut 26 gauge wire into a 2’ piece, or a length with which you’re comfortable. This wire will be referred to as the “working” wire throughout these instructions.  Wrap the working wire around the loop wires several times to hold them together. 

Leave about 1/4”  space between the red beads.  Grasp the second bead and twist it three times creating a wrap between the two beads.

What You’ll Need/Where To Get It

From Michaels

  1. 26 Gauge Artistic Wire

  2. 18 Gauge Artistic Wire

  3. 6mm white pearls (approx. 20)

  4. 3mm white pearls (approx. 20)

  5. red Toho Glass Beads 6/0 “E”

  6. wire cutters

  7. round nose pliers

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Add two red beads to the working wire.

Wrap the working wire around the 18 gauge wire three times.

Pendant measures 1.5” long.

step 1

step 2

step 3

Bend both wires to an angle where they meet in the center.  The edge of a metal ruler is ideal for this. Create a 45 degree angle with the wires pointing up from the heart.  These wires will form the pendant loop later.

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

Add a 6mm pearl and a 3mm pearl to the wire. 

Insert the end of the wire into the 6mm pearl.  Slide the two pearls close to the 18 gauge wire then pull the 26 gauge wire through the pearls. 

This will cause the small pearl to stack on top of the large one.

Wrap the working wire around the 18 gauge wire three times.  Add two more red beads and repeat from step 6 until the entire heart is covered with beads.  As you work slide your wrapped wires toward your previous work to avoid open spaces in the design.

When you arrive back at the center of the heart, wrap the working wire around the two vertical wires several times.  Cut off excess and smooth the end against the wrapping so it won’t catch on clothing.  Form a loop with the two 18 gauge vertical wires using round nose pliers.


To avoid a lot of kinks and bends in the 26 gauge wire, work with a length that is comfortable for you.  When you run out of wire while working, just start a new length by wrapping around the 18 gauge wire three times to continue.

Don’t stress if the original heart shaped wire gets slightly distorted from tugging at wire and beads while you work.  You can turn the pendant over and pull the 18 gauge wire back into shape.

To create definition in the top of the heart, pull and bend one of the red beads to form a center point.

step 9

step 10

step 11



step 12

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