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What You’ll Need/Where To Get It

Use a #10 brush to paint the thicker sections of the tree with the Burnt Sienna paint. 

Use your larger brush to add dabs of glaze at the end of the painted branches.  Position one or more kernels over the glaze.

Using a pencil, lightly trace the shape of the basic tree trunk and two or three large limbs.  A basic tree sketch is included when you download these instructions.

When you have attached all the kernels you like, finish the project by applying a coat of Diamond Glaze with a wide brush to the entire canvas above the horizontal line.  Be generous with the glaze around the kernels.  The glaze will help them to adhere securely to the canvas.

Step 8 - When the caulking is dry, spray the entire canvas, including the sides with Duck Egg Blue paint.

Step 7 - To create the smooth pathway leading to the tree, wet your finger and run it in an angle from the bottom right or the canvas, up to the left through the caulking to the horizontal line.

Squeezing the tube, trace the markings you made with pencil.

Step 9 - Scatter popcorn kernels on a paper towel and spray them with Burnt Sienna paint.  Toss them to coat all sides.  For variety leave a bit of the golden color showing through the paint on some of the kernels.

Fill in the outline with rows of caulking especially in large spaces like the trunk.

Draw a horizontal bead of caulking from the bottom of the tree to the left and right edges of the canvas.

Use a thick needle to make a hole in the tip of the caulking tube.  Do not cut the tip as the package suggests. or the hole will be too large to create fine lines.

Create a darker version of Burnt Sienna by adding a bit of black paint to shade the side of the tree and some of the larger limbs.

With a #2 brush, paint the thinner caulking lines with Burnt Sienna.   Also use this brush to add more fine branches shooting off the larger limbs. 

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Using a plastic knife or spatula, fill the canvas with caulking from the horizontal line to the bottom edge. Add texture by jabbing at the caulking with the straight edge of a plastic knife.

You don’t have to be a seasoned artist to create works on canvas. Sometimes it just takes some unorthodox tools to get the creative juices flowing.  This popcorn kernel tree is a good example.  Very few other tools are required, and you don’t have to be a born painter.  The basic tree sketch is included in the downloadable instructions to get you started.

Note:  Allow paint and caulking to dry completely between steps.

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At Testors

  1. 4748 Duck Egg Blue

  2. 4768 Flat Black

  3. 4607 Burnt Sienna

  4. #2 & #10 brushes

  5. Aztek airbrush

At Michaels

  1. 12” x 12” Artist Canvas

  2. 1 ½” wide artist’s brush

At Lowe’s

  1. Tub Caulking

At Amazon

  1. Diamond Glaze


  1. Popcorn kernels

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