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Not many projects are easier to create than this festive door swag.  Deco mesh makes easy work of creating the background which is anchored to plastic canvas with pipe cleaners.  The look is completed with ornaments, ribbon and lights.  If you need something eye-catching on your front door, give this one a try.  The finished length is approximately 30” long.


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The canvas measures a little more than  13” X 21”.  Using scissors, trim it, tapering to 6” at the bottom.

Gather the end of the deco mesh in your hand and twist a gold pipe cleaner around it.  Do this again 12” from the first twist and continue to gather every 12” for the entire length of the mesh.  The roll is  21” wide by 10 yards.

When all the mesh on the roll has been gathered, push the first pipe cleaner through the corner holes of the canvas’ (13”) wide end.  Twist the ends on the backside to secure the mesh to the canvas.  Attach another four pipe cleaners across the top edge in a straight line about 2.5” apart.  The fifth pipe cleaner should be placed in the opposite corner.

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Place a sheet of plastic canvas on your work surface.

Step 5 - Using this first row as your model, move down the canvas 3” from the first row and create another row of five more pipe cleaners. Continue working the entire canvas this way adding fewer pipe cleaners to a row as it tapers down to 6”.  The last row should include only two pipe cleaners.

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Wrap a pipe cleaner around the end of the ribbon and attach it to the back corner of the canvas. 

Bring the ribbon to the front side and weave it around the mesh in some areas and loop it in others. Use pipe cleaners to anchor the ribbon to the canvas to hold it in position.

step 3

step 6

Your finished canvas should look something like this.

step 7

step 8

Step 9 - Attach copper and gold ornaments of different sizes to the canvas.

Step 10 - Put batteries in the lights battery pack then wrap pipe cleaners securely around it.  Connect the battery pack to the back side of the canvas so it’s out of sight.  Attach the ends of the pipe cleaners to the bottom corner of the canvas so that it will be easy to access the switch when you want to turn the lights on or off.  

Step 11 - Thread the light string through the swag as desired.

- 6” -

- 13” -

At Hobby Lobby

  1. Gold Deco Mesh 21” X 10 yards

  2. gold pipe cleaners

  3. plastic canvas

  4. copper and gold ornaments of different sizes

  5. wired copper metallic ribbon

  6. scissors

20 Bulb battery pack light string

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