Glass, paper and scissors are the main components for making these image pendants.  Decoupage, glaze and a bail to dangle from, are the other tools used to create each item pictured.  If you liked my teardrop pendant necklace you’ll enjoy exploring the many glass shapes waiting to be turned into beautiful jewelry.

No matter which glass you use or where you find the paper image, the same simple steps will create them all.  They’re fast and easy to make so you’ll want to order several glass pieces. 

After seeing our teardrop project, some readers had questions not addressed in those instructions.  Hopefully you’ll find the answers here along with additional tips to help you with your project.

Making A Template

Put your glass piece with the flat side down on a piece of card stock.  Trace it with a fine point marker.  Using a craft knife or scissors, cut out the shape about 1/8” smaller than the glass.  Place the template on the flat side of the glass and look at it from the front and from the back.  On the backside, there should be a narrow margin of glass showing on all edges.  When you look from the front, you should not see where the template edges end.  Adjustments may be necessary to get the ideal fit.  Once you have it, photocopy that shape to use as a template in the future.

Finding & Sizing Images

Color images are everywhere, but the most convenient source can be found on the internet.  Keep in mind many images are copyrighted so be sure free personal use is allowed with the images you select.

To find images online start with a Google image search.  Key in words like “abstract images, watercolor images, floral images, etc.  Sites that offer free wallpaper for your computer are also a great source for interesting images.

When you find something you like, go to Photoshop or another similar program and alter the resolution of the image to 300 dpi if necessary.  This will give you a clear printed image.  Many images online are only 72 dpi and would make a blurry piece of jewelry.  After you’ve changed the dpi, change the size of the image to fit your glass allowing a healthy margin all around. 

Printing & Cutting Images

Images printed from ink jet printers are difficult to work with effectively.  Fast Finish Decoupage, the product used to bond the image to the glass, has a water base and will cause the toner to smear unless positioned extremely fast.  Laser printing on card stock is recommended for a no hassle experience.  Kinkos or other print shops can create laser images for you.  Since you’re paying for each printout, put several images on the page in case you make a mistake and need an extra.

To cut your image, position your glass over the design to check for alignment, then exchange the glass for the template. Double-sided tape applied lightly between the two will prevent them from shifting while you cut out the image in the shape of the glass.  Remove the tape.

Attaching the Image

Clean the glass front and back.  Pour Fast Finish into a container.  Dip a damp, wide brush into the Fast Finish and apply a generous amount onto the flat side of the glass.  Work quickly to smooth out the liquid while it’s still very wet.  Place the color side of the image on the decoupage.  Flip it over and slide the image against the glass if needed, until it is in place.  Set it flat side down on a piece of plastic to dry. 

Sealing the Image

Snip the tip on the Diamond Glaze applicator and draw a line on the borders of the glass.  The glaze will seep toward the center rather than the edges.  Lightly fill in the center with glaze.  Over-filling may cause the glaze to spill over the sides.  If bubbles occur, poke at them with a sharp object.  Allow to dry several hours.

The Glaze will not only seal the image to the glass but also create a tough glossy, professional looking finish on the backside of the pendant.

Attaching the Bail

Dab a small amount of Dazzle-Tac onto the bail and position it on the flat side of the pendant.  Do not handle until dry.  See Dazzle-Tac package instructions.

Clean Up

A warm, wet cloth draped over the glass for 15-30 minutes will soften accidental decoupage spots on the glass front and allow you to remove them. 

If you don’t like the result of your creation, soak it in hot water with detergent for a half hour.  The paint and sealer will peel off cleanly giving you a chance to try again.

Glass Paper Scissors Jewelry


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Narrow margins of glass on all edges.

What You’ll Need

  1. wide bristle brush

  2. scissors or craft knife

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  1. laser printed image

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