Use a cookie cutter to cut out two round pieces large enough to cover the magnetic clasp hardware.  Bake in a 275 degree oven for 30 minutes.  Cool thoroughly.  With a brush, apply a thin coat of Diamond Glaze over the clay.  When the glaze is dry, glue the pieces over the clasp hardware with Dazzle Tac.

Sew side pieces to the bottom seam with right sides together and the center of the strip aligned with the bottom seam.


What You’ll Need / Where To Get it

At JoAnn’s

  1. 1 yd fusible interfacing

  2. 1 yard cotton lining

  3. 3/4 yard fleece

  4. 2 gold zipper pulls

  5. floral rubber stamp

  6. sewing notions

  7. Scoth tape

  8. thick cardboard

At Amazon

  1. 3/4 yard tan vinyl

  2. 3/4 yard white vinyl

  3. two 9” tan zippers

  4. 4 gold studs

  5. 1 gold magnetic snap

  6. Sculpey Clay Hazelnut

  7. Judikins Diamond Glaze

  8. Beacon Dazzle Tac


  1. cookie cutter


Cafe Au Lait Travel Bag

Cut the following pieces:

2 White tops 13.25” X 8.75”                                2 Chestnut bottoms 13.25” X 7.75”

2 White straps 1.25” X 26”                                  2 Chestnut straps 1.25 X 26”

2 Chestnut sides 3.25” x 14.25”                         1 Chestnut Luggage Sleeve 13.25” x 4.75”

1 Luggage Sleeve Interfacing 13.25” x 4”          2 Chestnut top Facings 15.25” x 3”

2 Cotton Lining 15.25” x 15.25”                          2 Fleece padding 15.25” x 15.25”

2 Upper pockets 13.25” x 7.50”                          2 Lower pockets 13.25” x 6.75” + interfacing

1 fabric covered thick cardboard 11.75” x 1.75”

note:  cut interfacing for all pockets and lining pieces.

All seams are standard 5/8”.

Step 1

With right sides together, sew the white top vinyl pieces to the chestnut bottom pieces 2 5/8” from the sides, leaving the center 9” open for the zipper.  Open the seam, taping down the center seam allowance.  Place the zipper face down on the opening. (The pocket pieces from step 2 are not shown here for better clarity.   Pin the top side of the zipper to the white vinyl and the bottom to the Chestnut vinyl seam allowances.

Lay the vinyl flat with the zipper face up.  Use painters tape to hold the edges together and flat.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Using a feather stitch, top stitch the zipper to the vinyl across the white piece then the Chestnut piece on both the front and back bag sections.

Step 5

Join the bag front and back sections by sewing a seam at the bottom.  Position the sleeve .50” below the pocket zipper.  Tape or pin in place.

step 11

Cut slits 5/8” from edges of sides pieces.

Pin and sew the sides pieces to the bag front and back sections creating a flat bottom for the bag.  Sew the side piece seams all the way up to the top of the bag.

Sew the short ends of the two facing pieces with right sides together.   Sew the right side of the facing to the right side of the bag. Top stitch the seam with a feather stitch.

Sew the sides of the padding and lining.  They are constructed in the same way.  Sew the bottom seam leaving a 7” center opening in each. Lay the bottom seam against the side seam of the left and right bottom corners.  Pin the seams together to create a triangle.  Mark a line across the triangle to measure 2” across.   There should be one inch to the left and right of the seam.  Sew on the line to create the squared bottom corners of the bag.

Baste the fleece padding to the lining at the top edge with the lining inserted inside the fleece.  Stuff the vinyl bag inside the lining with the right side of vinyl against the right side of lining.  Sew the top edge of fleece and lining to the edge of the vinyl facing. Pull the vinyl through the bottom opening in the lining and fleece to turn the bag right side out.  Put the lining in place inside the bag and push out corners.  Fold the top facings to the inside.

To create straps, tape the chestnut strap to the white strap with wrong sides together.  Topstitch one edge.  Topstitch again 5/8” from the first stitching.  Trim both long edges to 1/4” from stitching.  Trim the short edges even.

Attach the straps 2” from the bag’s side seams and and 1.75” from top edge. Zigzag with a narrow stitch close to the strap edge and topstitch .25” above that.  Attach a stud to the strap then topstitch the strap to the very top edge of the bag.

To create two clay pieces to cover the clasps, first condition clay.  Impress a floral rubber stamp onto the clay.

Step 25 - Hand or machine stitch together the opening in the fleece.  Hand sew the cardboard piece to the center bottom of the fleece.  Sew the lining opening closed.

Attach decorative zipper pulls to the front and back zippers for easy access.

step 11

Cover the sewing machine’s work plates and the underside of the presser foot with scotch tape to prevent the vinyl from dragging as you sew.  Fill your bobbin with thread before you tape the area.  Be sure each piece of tape has one folded corner that will allow easy removal when you’re done.

Lay the upper pocket piece on the right side of the top zipper section. Sew it in place then flip it to the back of the zipper and top stitch it.  Turn a 5/8 seam allowance in one edge of the bottom pocket piece and sew it to the edge of the zipper bottom.

Step 6

Step 7

Create the luggage sleeve by sewing the long edges of the vinyl to the interfacing with the right side of the interfacing against the right side of the vinyl. Turn the interfacing to the right side and bond to the wrong side of the vinyl using an iron and a pressing cloth to protect the work.  Featherstitch both long edges .25” from the fold.

Step 8

Use a feather stitch to sew the bottom seam open.

Step 9

Step 10

Bring the top pocket piece down to meet the bottom pocket piece.  Sew the three open sides of the pocket to close it.

step 12

step 13

step 14

step 16

Iron interfacing onto the wrong side of each lining and pocket piece.  Create as many pockets as you like and attach them to the lining.  Slip sunglasses, cell phones and other items into the pockets you create to determine the size and number you need.

step 15

step 18

Attach magnetic clasps to the center of facings on front and back of bag. Push the prongs through the facing and the white vinyl sections with the folded prongs on the outside of the bag.

step 23

step 22

step 21

Step 24 - Sew a simple cover for the cardboard piece using scrap fabric. 

step 19

step 17

step 20

Style and convenience are the main features of this “perfect for summer” vacation bag.  A few changes to my basic purse make it extremely travel worthy.  A little taller and wider than the basic purse, this one can pack in lots of items.  While I rarely make a bag without exterior open pockets, this is an exception.  Items stored on the face of the bag only invite pickpockets at busy airports, so two zippered pockets are the only outside storage here.  But inside is an entirely different matter.  The walls of the bag are well organized leaving the interior’s center open for big bulky items.  I’ve constructed my palm tree theme lining with pockets for all my needs:  cell phone, lipstick, sunglasses, camera, airline tickets, brochures, etc.  I even built in a pocket for my iPad.  Limp pockets have been eliminated by adding multiple layers of interfacing to the top hem of all the pockets to make it easier to insert an item with one hand.  Check out my basic purse organizer for pocket ideas so you can create the exact size pockets you need.  A real convenience to this bag is the luggage sleeve which allows the bag to rest on your suitcase, not on your shoulder.  With this bag you’re ready for summer travel! 

no pattern required

bag measures approx. 14” x 13”

luggage sleeve

download instructions


Download it now.
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click the thumbnail photo at the bottom of this page to download the instructions

Hi Gloria

I thought I would share one of your patterns I have made up. I changed the handle attachments, adding grommets & hardware. My friend is thrilled with her bag.  Added buttons with magnetic closures.  Thanks once again for your help.

Inge Van Dordrecht - South Africa