Use it as a table centerpiece for the holiday season or display it on the fireplace mantle.  It’s simple to make with satin ribbon.  The wired beads and bow are optional.  Top this pretty tree with your own creative touch.  We alternated sheer, wire edge ribbon with white satin.  Try your own combinations! 

What You’ll Need/Where To Get It

  1. 18’ white satin 7/8” ribbon

  2. 18’ white wire edge 7/8” ribbon

  3. styrofoam cone 12” tall

  4. package of white 1/4” twill tape

  5. hot glue gun

All items were purchased at JoAnn’s


  1. 1.Using a marker, make lines around the cone at 1.25” from the bottom.  Work your way up the cone repeating this every 1.25”.

  2. 2.Cut the ribbon into 3.5” pieces.

  3. 3.Fold each 3.5” ribbon in half and use the glue gun to seal the cut edges. 

  4. 4.Wrap a piece of twill tape around the first row of markings at the bottom of the cone until the two tape ends meet.  Cut this length of tape which should be about 12.25”.  Cut a piece of tape for each row of markings working toward the top.  Each piece of tape should be approximately 1” shorter than the previous piece.

  5. 5.Starting with the longest piece of tape, glue down a section of satin ribbon with the center of the ribbon over the center of the tape. Work outwards gluing down sections of ribbon, alternating wire ribbon with satin.  If there isn’t room for a whole width of ribbon at the end of the tape, add one more piece anyway.  You will overlap this piece when you attach it to the cone.

  6. 6.Make a straight vertical line down the center of the cone from top to bottom using pins.  Each time you attach tape to the cone, the first ribbon glued to the tape should be aligned with the center pin.  Now attach your first row of ribbons by matching the tape to the bottom lines on the cone and hot glue it around till the tape ends meet.

  7. 7.Continue attaching the tape pieces as you did in step 5, except this time the wire edge ribbon should be the first ribbon attached and placed in the center of the tape. Every other tape will have satin in the center.  Work your way up the cone adding rows of ribbon.

  8. 8. When you reach the top of the cone, wrap a piece of satin ribbon around the top horizontally, covering the raw ribbon edges.

Option:  Add a bow or wired beads at the top of the cone.

Learn From My Experience

Although my tree was created with two different width ribbons, I have written the directions suggesting all the ribbon should be the same width.  While this tree is a festive decoration, after creating it, I realized ribbons of the same width would present a more symmetrical look.

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