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Make a one-inch custom glass ornament featuring the team he roots for or a child’s favorite character.  A personal milestone or accomplishment becomes even more meaningful when there’s an image or message for it hanging on the tree.


Customize them for anyone and any occasion.


  1. 1)On your computer, decide which photo or image you would like to feature on the ornament.  Change its size so that it measure one inch square.  Then duplicate it so you have two on the page that are identical.  Print out the page on card stock.

  2. 2)Cut out the squares.  With Elmer’s, glue them together back to back.

  3. 3)Once the glue has dried, cut the card into a one inch circle.

  4. 4)Wipe all fingerprints off the glass pieces and coat the flat sides with a conservative layer of E-6000 glue.  Spread it out with as few strokes as possible using a flat tool, like a picnic knife.

  5. 5)Position the card stock on the center of one of the pieces.  Slide it to get it perfectly centered but don’t lift.

  6. 6)Top with the second glass piece and press down.  Be sure the edges are aligned.

  7. 7)Once the glue is dry, usually 24 hours, wind a piece of wire around the glass pieces with the wire resting between the edges of the glass.  Grab the wire edges and twist them around each other once or twice with pliers.

  8. 8) Trim one wire close to the twist.  With the longer end, create a loop for hanging the ornament.  Trim off any excess wire.

What You’ll Need/Where To Get It

  1. an image

  2. 18” - 20” gauge jewelry wire

  3. wire cutters

  4. pliers

  5. E-6000 glue

  6. Elmer’s Glue

Above items available at craft stores

  1. 2 one-inch round clear flat bottom gems

  1. Glass pieces have flat backs.

  1. Wrapped wire rests between the glass edges.

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Glass gems can also be found at floral supply shops and craft stores.

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